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Flexible Drill Bit Extension

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Having trouble mounting with small spaces? No need to worry anymore, the dynamic electronic drill shaft-screwdriver is here! It is made of high end material which is fail-proofed by various R&R projects, for greater durability and long life. It is built not just for it purpose but for a lifetime.

This dynamic shaft can be used as a hand drill and as a electric screwdriver which can reach those difficult to access or inaccessible areas. The industrial-grade shield protects your hand while the inside shaft is rotating.

The Flexible Drill Bit Extension allows you to get into those hard to reach places and give that screw or bolt the turns it needs. 

  • A flexible outer shield protects your hand while inside shaft rotates.
  • Bends, twist and turns to use drill into tight and confined spaces.
  • Designed for used with bits.