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Flying Insects Bug-A-Salt Gun

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Our Flying Insects Bug-A-Salt Gun is the right fit for you! High quality and a Great Price! Available here at Then Products! Use Promo Code THEN10 for an additional 10% off your entire order. Have fun shopping!

This Flying Insects Bug-A-Salt Gun has an effective range of up to 3 feet. This premium, extreme fly killing machine uses less than a pinch of salt to turn out the lights on disgusting, disease-carrying insects. While this salt spraying shotgun may be a nightmare for pesky flies, it's completely non-toxic to keep your children and pets at home safe.


  • No batteries required
  • Pop-up sight indicator
  • Accurate within 3 feet
  • 50 shots before reloading
  • Fly stays intact for easy cleanup
  • Non-toxic salt is safe for kids and pets
  • Excellent for insects in corners and ceilings
  • Shoots less than a pinch of ordinary table salt
  • Powered by a blast of air and a splash of twisted, problem-solving fun