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Pet Fence Bubble Window

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Dogs often jump fences or dig holes out of simple curiosity. This Pet Fence Bubble Window lets them look up and down the street, keeping an eye on everything that happens.

Giving them an outlet for their interest in the world can help keep them inside the fence and stop them digging as many holes.


  • Weight: 0.55kg
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 5 inches


  • Easy to clean. It can be easily cleaned with non-fluoride white toothpaste
  • Fit for all pets, dogs, cats, chicken, horses. It may also be used for children's playhouses, kennels, tree houses, and even storm chaser vehicles
  • It can be easily installed in wood, vinyl, and other materials including drywall
  • Easy to install. It is 9.5 Inch in diameter, Bolts & Nuts and all necessary hardware is included
  • Reduce Barking. If a stranger suddenly appeared in your living room, you’d probably yell! Dogs typically consider your yard their home, so the unexpected entrance of a regular guest such as the mail carrier causes barking. Letting your dog see up and down the street and get used to who is coming to can reduce barking.
  • Best way to allow your pet to safely satisfy his curiosity and not destroy the garden yard fence with bubble window. Can help deter overly curious dogs from jumping over fences and reduces the risk of injury from attempted escaping

[Package Inclusion]

  • 1 x Pet Fence Bubble Window
  • 4 x Bolts
  • 4 x Nuts