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Rain proof coating for cars and motorcycles

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Effectively repels rain on your windshield!

Are you afraid to drive with heavy rains? With this windshield coatingyou get perfect visibility through the windscreen even when it rains. Make it easy to get hard to reach spots, ensuring that all parts of your windshield are covered.  This spectacular product gives you an amazing effect lasting several months!

Main characteristics:

  1. Increase visibility: this water repellent can be applied to the windshield to dramatically increase visibility day and night;
  2. Protective film: the product forms a chemical bond with glass, unlike silicone-based products that simply coat the glass.
  3. Significant effect: this invisible wiper increases the water repellent and causes the rain to rise and fall off. Even snow, ice, and insects are easier to remove.
  4. Long life: lasts up to 6 times longer than other similar products.
  5. Easy to use: it can be applied with absolute ease.
  6. No risk: this product will not cause any damage to the car's glass.
  7. For cars and motorbikes: perfect for all types of vehicles.